The first weekend of March was pleasantly warm across south Florida.   Daytime highs were, once again, running about 5-degrees warmer than average during the day.   What’s even more impressive?   Nights and mornings were almost 10-degrees warmer than usual.  Here’s a look at the Sunday sunset with downtown Miami in the distance.   Sunset is currently around 6:30 pm, but remember, next week the sun will set close to 7:30 pm.   Daylight saving time begins.   It’s this upcoming weekend that we change our clocks and “spring forward”.

A line of storms was crossing north Florida into Sunday evening and night.   It’s part of a broader storm system that was a big tornado threat for much of the deep south.   That storm energy is sweeping east and is not a threat for our region.

Monday will be the warmest day of the week, due to air arriving from the southwest.   Be prepared for a change, though.   That warmth will finally “back down” as a cold front settles south.   The boundary will gradually cross south Florida on Tuesday (and cooling arrives late Tuesday night).

Looking ahead, these are the forecast highs over the next week.    The noticeably cooler and drier air doesn’t last too long.   By Friday and the weekend, look for temperatures to warm back up to spring levels!

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