Extra hot!

No doubt, the strong summer heat is here and it’s even hotter than average for late July.    Temperatures are running high while our air arrives mainly from the southeast.  For now, south Florida is also seeing fewer areas of rain compared to last week.    Distant high pressure is the dominant weather feature and Florida remains on the western flank of the high that’s sitting firm over the Atlantic Ocean.   Heading into Tuesday, it’s worth noting that the heat index could run between 105 and 110 degrees during peak heating times in the afternoon.   That’s especially hot and problematic if you over exert yourself or don’t stay hydrated.  While that’s not the actual air temperature, the index measures humidity, as well.    The next several days will be typically steamy with only occasional “cooling showers”.  Of course, any rain we do see will  briefly cool the air a few degrees (but we’ll  take what we can get)!   Meanwhile, the tropics remain nice and quiet with no signs of any activity brewing in the Gulf, Caribbean, or Atlantic Ocean.