Get ready for some “extra” in the weather, south Florida. That refers to extra heat, extra humidity, and even extra hazy skies! We’ve already noticed the presence of a large plume of Saharan Dust. It’s here. The dust often leads to a thick haze and tends to suppress tropical moisture. Can we still get showers and storms? Yes, but they’ll tend to be short-lived and weak. Keep in mind, we typically have to contend with a lot of rainy weather in the month of August. It’s also worth noting that our satellites can detect these layers of Saharan Dust. Satellites give us a birds-eye look at how wide-spanning a dust event is (and how long it might linger). In this case, we may see effects of dust and haze for the better part of this week! Forecast models really don’t show it budging very much until Thursday or Friday. At that time, then, we’ll probably see the drier type air fizzle out. The long range outlook signals the return of (more typical) rain and stormy conditions by Friday and next weekend. Until then, look for temperatures running at least a couple degrees hotter than usual. The high levels of humidity will also have our afternoon heat index readings in the 100º to 108º “feels like” range. That’s significant enough to warrant curbing back on exercise or strenuous activity during the peak heating hours. Make sure you remain well-hydrated and wear light, loose fitted clothing. Of course, as many schools get underway at this time, take necessary precautions “for the young” as well as the old, in the extreme heat ahead.

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