Earl forms, far from us

Tropical Storm Earl continues to work its way across the Caribbean.   The hurricane season’s fifth named storm is too far from Florida for a tropical threat.   Earl will remain a dangerous worry, however, for Belize and Mexico’s Yucatan into the middle of the week.   Warm tropical waters and less wind shear are helping fuel a strengthening Earl.  Hurricane watches (along with tropical storm warnings) extend the length of Belize.  Rough impacts will also spread over northern Honduras shortly.  The future track of Earl takes it over land on Thursday.  Then, if it can hold together across Central America and reach the Bay of Campeche, it may get a second life.   Looking ahead at our Florida weather, the unsettled conditions will hold through Wednesday.   A moisture push will send additional batches of rain from the Atlantic until we transition into drier air later this week.  You should notice fewer showers and more sunshine by Thursday and Friday.