Drying out and dropping down

A cold front is crossing the region and leading to noticeable weather changes.   After the rain we saw on Monday, along with the warm air, south Florida is drying out.   Interestingly, Miami tied a record high of 84 degrees during the middle of the afternoon.   That reading will turn out to be the warmest we’ll have through the rest of this week.   With the crossing cold front, our air will continue to arrive out of the north on Tuesday and through much of Wednesday.   Jackets may be necessary (mainly at night) as lows settle into the middle and upper 50’s.   This won’t be a long lasting “cool spell”.   By Thursday, sprawling high pressure will drift away from the southeastern states and shift into the Atlantic.  That will signal a warm up.  Groundhog Day is Friday and familiar warmth will return.   In fact, we may reach 80 degrees in the afternoon.   As the week continues, it will also become necessary to follow the approach of another cold front.   Long range forecast maps suggest a weaker  boundary reaching south Florida by the start of the weekend.   Initially, the front will probably stir up a few rain showers.   The main uncertainty revolves around the position of the front as it loses momentum and tends to stall out.   If the front becomes stationary (in our vicinity) it could lead to a wetter set up for the first weekend in February.