Since the start of the Rainy Season, we’ve seen an increase in dry conditions!    That’s rare, especially since it’s persisted for 2 full weeks.  Here’s a look at the strong sunshine along Biscayne Bay from Tuesday afternoon.   Fortunately, an onshore breeze helped make it feel more comfortable and not too steamy overall.   Miami reached 88-degrees under sunny skies.

A sturdy dome of high pressure has been at the heart of our weather pattern.  While still intact this midweek, it will slowly start to weaken over time.

Deep drying remains over south Florida and the NW Bahamas.   Notice, though, there is more moisture to our north and especially south (as shown in the water vapor chart).

We’ll still see plenty of sunshine as the week continues.   Future weather maps begin to introduce some stray showers on Thursday, even though the vast majority of south Florida will be rain-free.   We expect the progression of additional moisture from the south as the weekend approaches.   That will likely lead to scattered showers which will (finally) be more typical for this time of year.   Actually, many places may welcome the return of rain following the dry spell.

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