Dry & Steamy Weekend. Possible Cold Front Next Week.

Happy Saturday, South Florida!

It was a beautiful start this morning across SoFlo! We woke up to dry conditions with just some clouds around along with warm temps and high humidity.

High pressure stays in control over the weekend, and dry & warm conditions will continue. Although there will be a front nearby as we head into next week, it will fizzle out before reaching SoFlo. This will allow the steamy temps and sunshine to prevail into most of the week. By the end of the work week, a cold front will move towards South Florida. If it holds together, it could bring us some showers along with some cooler temps in time for next weekend.

Here’s your day planner for today, South Florida! After a warm start this morning, expect a hot, muggy and breezy afternoon followed by a calm night. Temps will stay well above average throughout the day.

Temps will continue to be in the mid-to-upper 80’s for most of the upcoming week. A cold front may allow the upper 70’s to return by Friday.

Don’t expect any rain this weekend. A very slight chance returns early next week due to a cold front nearby, but rain is unlikely. By Thursday, a cold front approaches, upping the chance of rain. This spotty rain chance lingers into Friday.

Have a great weekend, South Florida!