Dry days ending?

It’s been exceptionally dry this December, so far.   Most places in south Florida have only had 2 days with measurable rain (through December 25).   In Miami, the dry stretch has even persisted over 2 weeks.  Officially, the last time we had rain was back on December 9.   This all points to the “need” for a bit of rain… and it happens to be back in the forecast.   Showers will be possible now that winds are picking up moisture from the Atlantic Ocean.  On Christmas, the main story was the warm weather.   The afternoon high in Miami reached up to 84 degrees, just shy of the record of 85!  A weak cold front has since crossed.   While it won’t lead to much cooling overall, temperatures will decrease a tad.  Highs will be close to the 80 for the rest of the week.     The next cold front is likely to shift toward the region during the late week time frame.   It may generate a few more rain showers upon arriving (probably late Friday or Saturday morning, if it slows down).    Many are wondering about our weekend conditions as we ring-in the New Year.   For now, we’re expecting mild highs in the 70’s with nights in the comfortable 60’s.   Rain chances can’t be eliminated, even beyond the late week front.  The existing uncertainty will hopefully be ironed out well before the big weekend approaches.  Stay tuned.