Happy Sunday, South Florida!

Have you had enough rain yet? What a soggy couple of days for us here in South Florida! Some areas (especially down to the keys) have already received well over 2 inches and this rain event is not over just yet. But the good news is this morning wasn’t as active or as rainy as we have seen the last few days. A few isolated showers over the Atlantic waters pushed through our area earlier this morning and it was slightly wetter down in the Keys. Otherwise a typical summertime morning for us here in South Florida.

 So I’m sure everyone is wondering why we have seen so much rain the last two days. Well we have high pressure over the Atlantic waters that has once again set up shop. And given the time of the year, we’ve seen surges of tropical moisture moving through our area as little disturbances continue to ride along the southern periphery of that high pressure system over the Atlantic. What does that mean for us here in South Florida? Well, we’ve seen that tropical moisture moving through our area and it doesn’t take much for the faucet to turn on during the summertime hours where we already have a lot of moisture and heat in place over our area.

But it’s not all bad news for us here in South Florida this weekend. I think you’ll like the outlook especially as compared to the last couple of days. There is some drier air that has made its way back into the forecast and this could actually be a pretty decent day for us,…. At least for the East Coast that is.  It looks like we could slowly go back to a typical summertime weather pattern where the East Coast metro areas see isolated to scattered showers and storms eventually pushing out towards the west coast, leaving an improvement for us here up and down our metro areas later today. That’s not to say we won’t see any rain or thunderstorms through the second half of the day. But it should be an improvement as to what we’ve seen the previous days with a better more sunshine through the afternoon.

But the rain event isn’t done yet because we still have a lot of tropical moisture out in the Caribbean and it is working its way towards South Florida. That high-pressure system will remain over the Atlantic waters so few disturbances will continue to track towards us throughout the upcoming work week. That means that starting Monday we could begin to see periods of heavy rain once again with thunderstorms also making their way back into the forecast. Not only that, one of the tropical waves that is currently near Hispaniola is now being monitored by the national hurricane Center. And while they are still giving it a very low chance of any tropical development within the next 2 to 5 days, it is something worth watching as we head into next week. Because as we know here in South Florida any area of low pressure over warm tropical waters can quickly become tropical.

So after a rainy start to the weekend, today (Sunday) should be a bit nicer for us. Still humid and still rain and a few thunderstorms but plenty more sun than we’ve seen the last couple of days.  But for the upcoming work we will continue to bring that rain chance back into the forecast and we will keep it on the higher end because of those disturbances and that tropical moisture that will continue to move towards us here. So bottom line for the upcoming workweek: be sure to have that rain gear with you because it will be needed from time to time and I have a feeling it will be needed a lot more than not.