Double Trouble?

‘Tis the season for Cape-Verde hurricanes! Lucky for us, these areas of disturbed weather have a long trek ahead. Its yellow brick road won’t necessarily lead them closer to home. On the contrary, the dusty and dry air will act as a roadblock for development.




Do these tropical waves even have a chance? Can they beat the odds? The National Hurricane Center believes the system closer to the Lesser Antilles has a low chance for future development through the next 5 days. Unlike this wave, organization of the second area is at a medium potential. Only time will tell! Your Storm Station will keep an eye on these two.




Off to a more interesting topic: weekend weather. As we welcome the weekend with open arms, the big question is “how’s it looking?” Well, showers and storms will continue to mostly affect the inland areas through Saturday. Sunday is a different story. As an upper-level low inches its way closer to south Florida, increasing moisture returns to the forecast. Grab an umbrella for those pesky showers!




Meteorologist Natacha Galindo

Weather Producer

WSVN, Channel 7