Dodging Downpours

Heavy rain and strong thunderstorms worked back into parts of south Florida to start the work week.   Here’s a look at the unsettled conditions over much of the Florida Peninsula.    Prior to the evening, the worst of the storm activity had faded over most spots to the south.

Rain amounts ran the gamut.  The biggest soakers prompted multiple Street Flood Advisories.   The initial one was over eastern Miami-Dade, followed by more significant alerts spanning Broward County areas, at times.

This week “picks up where we left off” last week.   That means there’s plenty of deep tropical moisture that’s sitting over the region.   Unfortunately, there’s nothing to push it out, anytime soon.

The Tuesday weather forecast looks familiar.   As the daytime heat builds and afternoon sea breezes move inland, another eruption of storms will form.   These will be scattered to numerous.   Overall, they should drift slowly from the southwest to the northeast, due to weak steering winds.

As we look ahead, our daily rain and storm chances will hold about the same, with a higher frequency compared to average.