Current concern?

Our “current concern” involves rip currents.    The high threat extends all along the Atlantic beaches of Florida.    Ocean swimming isn’t advised over the next couple of days, at least.   Dangerous rip currents have been known to challenge even  the most experienced swimmers, posing a danger to them.   We’re hoping that most beach-goers choose to stay on the sand, so ocean beach patrol doesn’t have to face rescues in the days ahead!    At the heart of the problem is onshore and gusty winds that are arriving.   Winds will also churn up local waters making boating difficult.    Small craft operators should use caution and be prepared for possible advisories.   Once you get away from these mentioned “water woes” our south Florida weather is generally quiet and comfortable.   Temperatures are typical for spring while humidity levels are fine.   The weekend won’t bring any Easter surprises with our weather, either.    Distant high pressure will continue building into our state from the north and east.    There may be just enough moisture to bring in a sprinkle or shower from the ocean but (with the strong winds) they’d be fast-moving!