Cooling coming

Just days away from spring, we’re about to get a reminder that winter isn’t over yet.    A powerful cold front is dropping through the southeastern states and it will be the leading edge of a cool change.   Ahead of this front (as well as another one) there’s plenty of warm and moist air across Florida.  On Monday, the radar was especially active across the northern half of the state.  Scattered areas of rain and possible storms will continue until the cold front crosses, late Tuesday.    Next, as winds turn behind the front, we’ll feel the difference!    A cool and blustery breeze will arrive for the middle part of the week.   Distant high pressure will be building down… all the way from the Midwestern states.   That should keep our upcoming cool spell intact for at least 3 days and 3 nights.    Nighttime lows are expected to fall into the 50’s and running a good 10 degrees below average.  The cold pattern will actually “peak” from Wednesday night through Thursday morning.   At that time, it’s possible some inland locations could dip into the 40’s.   Could it be the coldest air of the season?   That’s probably a close call.   Remember, there were a couple other occasions in January when south Florida temperatures rivaled what we’re expecting.