Coolest air departs

This season’s coldest weather stole the headlines from Saturday into Monday across south Florida.   Temperatures were as cold as they’ve been in nearly a year!   The chilly nights made the most impact, running up to 30 degrees below average.   As we look forward, jackets probably won’t be necessary (at least during the daytime) and conditions will feel milder.   Having said that, though, a healthy breeze will tend to stick around for the rest of the week.  Often, winds make it feel cooler than the actual thermometer reading.   The main change back to typical temperatures is due to an onshore pattern.   That will continue to shield us from the bitterly cold stuff that remains trapped to the north of Florida in many cases.   For us, it’s a seasonal set up with “no surprises” as we get deeper into the week.   Our quiet time is due to high pressure that’s building down into the region.  The high is shifting away from North Carolina and will stay anchored over the western Atlantic for a long stretch.   Finally, it’s worth noting that a few sprinkles or temporary rain showers will be possible.   Any batch of rain we see will basically drift toward coastal areas from the ocean.