Cool spell

We’re still under the grip of unseasonably cool air.   The cooling began after the passage of a sharp cold front (crossing late in the weekend).  The chill was the most significant Monday morning with lows ranging from the lower to middle 50’s.   Temperatures have been running about 15 degrees below average, and in many cases daytime highs were where nighttime lows should be!    The “cool connection” is going to ease on Halloween.   For the holiday, we’ll be treated to plenty of sunshine and dry air.   Temperatures will moderate slightly so it will be comfortable for trick-or treating on Tuesday evening (upper 60’s to lower 70).   At the heart of our weather pattern is high pressure which bridges from the eastern Gulf into the western Atlantic.   As the high slowly drifts away, our Florida air pattern will turn off the ocean… allowing temperatures to revert back to seasonal levels.   Future weather maps confirm a quiet set up for the entire region.    Even as we get deeper into the week and weekend, there will be no approaching fronts or weather systems so it will remain beautiful.   It’s all because of a blocking pattern that will keep us mild and pleasant.   In the tropics, there’s just one area of interest.   It’s of no threat to land and over the central Atlantic Ocean.   Whether anything forms there, or not, the disturbance is only expected to meander over the open waters.   By the way, there’s exactly one month left of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.