Clouds have become a common theme, recently.   With the frequent sky cover, we’ve also been getting a fair amount of rain and storms.  There’s more coming.  A number of weather disturbances will continue to meander over the region as the week continues.   For now, the weather map indicates an upper low rotating across the eastern Gulf of Mexico.  It’s non-tropical and will weaken and “stretch out” by midweek.  Meanwhile, there’s a slow moving cold front reaching the southeastern states.  The front is likely to play a role across much of Florida, keeping widespread rain in the picture.  We’ll watch for developing thunderstorms throughout the last days of September.   There could also be a concern for possible street flooding.   As recently as Monday afternoon, by the way, the Lower Keys had a flood advisory due to heavy and persistent rainfall.   Many other places already have saturated grounds, so additional downpours could quickly result in standing water.  Our wet pattern will probably get enhanced as the aforementioned front sinks southward.  If the boundary happens to move near us and stall out, soggy times will even be extended into the upcoming weekend.  In the distant tropics we’re following a disturbance that’s likely to get stronger.   Over the next couple of days, we’ll probably see a depression or storm form as the system approaches the Lesser Antilles.   Long range forecasts call for it to move into the central Caribbean then possibly shift northward by the end of the week.  That’s important.  If it lifts northward, impact areas could include parts of the region (Cuba, Bahamas, and Florida) so we’ll all need to watch the track carefully.



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