Cold, for us

As we round out the month of January, our south Florida temperatures are on the chilly side.   A couple of cold fronts recently crossed the region and we’re feeling the difference.  Our weather is highlighted by these cool days followed by brisk nights, especially by south Florida standards.   What’s the extent of our chill?  Temperatures are basically running between 10 and 15 degrees below normal.   This is following much of the season which has been quite warm.   The work week is starting with drier weather, too.   After persistent rain on Sunday, strong drying has been spreading into Florida from the north and west.   As high pressure continues to build over us, look for nice and bright skies.   Even with plenty of sun in the days ahead, remember that it won’t be the kind that warms us up… as much as usual!   As a result, a trip to the beach could be met with an unwelcome chill.  This cool pattern will last through Wednesday morning.   Afterwards, a return to seasonal warmth will hold for an extended stretch.