High-based frequent clouds were persisting into the start of the weekend.   The impact of these clouds should continue and that’s quite important to the forecast.   First, if the clouds remain “stubborn” it could be the difference whether fog forms on Sunday morning, or not. Not to oversimplify, but any real clearing should allow dense fog to form over inland areas.   There’s currently enough moisture in the air (in addition to light winds) to point to fog developing but only if those clouds break apart.   As of this writing, the satellite shows an impressive batch of cloudiness extending into Florida from the Gulf of Mexico… so I’m less worried about fog formation.   Clouds will also be important to watch on Sunday afternoon for a different reason.   If they hold tight, they’ll curb warmth SLIGHTLY and prevent us from reaching a record high.   However, if there’s enough sunshine, we could easily match our record high for the date!  The record high for Miami is 87 degrees (with the current forecast calling for 86).   Either way, you can see that it’s going to be an exceptionally warm Sunday.   The reason?  Winds will be coming out of the west-southwest throughout much of the day.   By Monday, however, temperatures will return to more seasonal levels as winds take another turn.   The Presidents Day holiday features a nice breeze into south Florida.   Steady winds from the northeast will bring pleasant outdoor weather, including mostly dry conditions.   This is due to high pressure rebuilding north of the state.   It’s a pattern that’s not expected to last very long, though.  By Wednesday, a growing surge of moisture will move in our direction… far ahead of a couple disturbances crossing the Gulf waters.   Rain chances will be higher as we continue through the second half of the week.

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