Changes in sight

We’ve been seeing similar weather going back to last week.   The pattern has proven nice, providing clear and dry conditions.    It’s worth noting that we could actually use a bit of rain in south Florida.   Over recent days we’ve been reporting the flaring up of several brush fires.   This often happens around this time of the year, but it’s following an extra dry winter season.   We do have some pending changes as the week continues.   Rain chances will improve as high pressure departs and a cold front approaches from the north.   The first indicator of something different will come on Wednesday, but gradually.   First, winds will turn more out of the south with some late day clouds filling the sky.   Rain showers will probably hold off until Thursday morning.   The approaching cold front is expected to dissipate over us (late Thursday).    Then, we’ll focus on a large high pressure system building all the way down from the Great Lakes and northeastern states.   The high may even get stronger as it drifts into the Atlantic Ocean.  For Florida that will mean stronger winds and a gusty pattern will emerge.   The wind will also stick around into the weekend creating dangerous rip currents and rough boating.   High surf (associated  with windy weather) isn’t likely to subside until next Tuesday, or so.   We’ll also have plenty of “seasonably warm temperatures” running a bit above normal for this time of the year.