Catching a break

For the first time in weeks, high pressure centers are located on both sides of the Florida peninsula.    The pattern promotes more stable air which bucks the trend of those extra rainy days.   Although wet weather can’t completely be ruled out, any development will be localized (isolated) while pushing west.    With this set up, we’ll continue to have an “onshore flow” and a helpful easterly breeze into Tuesday.   That may help some people cope with the extreme June heat and humidity.   The best relief will tend to be at area beaches.   By Wednesday and Thursday, the high pressure influencing our weather will weaken and drop south.   What changes will that bring?   Local winds will turn and become more southerly, pumping up temperatures.   Look for highs easily getting into the lower 90’s.    Also, deeper moisture out of the tropics will be back in business.   That surge of moist air will also lead to an increase in rain and thunderstorms.   Watch for some of these dumping heavy downpours especially as a disturbance passes to our south Thursday and Friday.   It’s an upper low and tropical wave that will skirt across Cuba, drawing up the steamy air from the Caribbean.   Speaking of the tropics, there’s good news in that only weak tropical waves have been on the move.  Luckily, these have been challenged and hindered from getting stronger as tropical systems.