Bigger Breezes

Winds have been on the rise, and it’s only the beginning of a breezy pattern for Florida.   The higher wind speeds will be more problematic near the coast… and enhanced marine hazards are likely.   Expect dangerous rip currents and choppy to rough seas.   What’s the reason behind the strengthening winds?   Our state is “sandwiched” between strong high pressure to the north and much lower pressure to our south (in the Caribbean).   The difference in air pressure stirs up the wind.   Most of the time, this fast moving air will shift off the Atlantic Ocean moving east to west.   The onshore flow will continue through the rest of the week.  Meanwhile, a cold front is sagging south and slated to reach our area by late Wednesday or Thursday.  It’s really the main weather change we have in sight.  The front isn’t going to change our temperatures, but it will increase our rain chances later this week.  Moisture levels will be at least slightly higher than they are right now.  Finally, even though we’re now getting cold fronts moving down from the north (and some real hints of fall) it’s necessary to remember that Hurricane Season is still upon us and runs through November, not October.  History tells us that the tropics often stay “alive” especially in the Caribbean Sea.  Many of you remember that Hurricane Wilma happened this time of the year.  In fact, the actual anniversary of Wilma (the last major hurricane to make landfall in south Florida) was exactly 11 years ago, on October 24, 2005.   Despite being over a decade ago, it’s still fresh in the minds of the many people impacted by Wilma.