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After a brief break (much of last week) with drier than usual conditions, the set up has returned for more rain and storms.   Deeper moisture has been shifting into the Straits and south Florida from deep in the tropics.   It could be worse, though, had a low pressure area (near Cuba) and tropical wave crept north into our area we’d be seeing even more numerous storms!   Instead, the disturbances will stay south and we’ll only deal with the associated moisture sweeping our way.   Overall, high pressure is in control of our weather but the high is centered east of the Bahamas in the distant Atlantic.  With lighter wind speeds coming in, expect developing showers to tread across the region at a slower pace.   On Saturday, rain was fairly isolated and showers moved along quickly.   Now, as the new week begins and winds slow down, downpours will drift along while dumping more substantial rainfall.    With any storm will also come the potential for gusty winds and plenty of lightning.   It’s a typical weather pattern for south Florida in August with seasonal temperatures and lingering humid air.   While rain and thunder could occur at virtually anytime in this unstable pattern,  the most likely time frame for storms will be during the afternoon and early evening.   These will be the result of sea breeze collisions and outflow boundaries.