Back to normal

Seasonal weather is back.   After 3 full days and 3 full nights of dealing with a northerly flow of air, the connection has broken.  The chill began to ease once winds started veering off the ocean.    More mild temperatures will persist since this onshore weather pattern isn’t going to break anytime soon.   Not only has the warmer air been able to advance back into Florida this week, but it’s also grown over the southeastern sector of the nation.   From Louisiana to the Carolina’s, temperatures have recovered from the recent winter chill.  Even though a cold front is attempting to move into the eastern states, the boundary is likely to stall out before getting there.   The stationary front will turn out to be ideal territory for a ton of messy weather.   Mid and late week rain will set up along many areas from the southern Plains toward the Great Lakes.   Concerns will grow with possible icy conditions (north and west of the front).   For us, it’s a similar story.   Expect a breezy set of days with comfortably warm temperatures.   As clouds push our way from the ocean, there could be a few patchy rain showers (at virtually anytime).   These rain bands will tend to favor coastal locations into the upcoming weekend.   Of course, it’s a holiday weekend and looking toward Martin Luther King Day, temperatures will run slightly above average.