Back to breezy

Breezy weather is back and it’s going to be the main theme of the week.    Winds have been increasing from the east while picking up a bit of moisture.   That will continue to create fast moving showers that spread into the area from the ocean.    The rain is likely to move too quickly to bring impressive rain totals into south Florida.   Most places will have a chance to accumulate one-tenth of an inch, or so, on  a given day (or night).    Meanwhile, strong wind gusts will impact coastal areas.  On Monday, gusts elevated to 30 miles per hour at both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.    At the heart of our weather pattern is high pressure that’s well north of  Florida.   The broad area extends over a huge area that expands the entire eastern seaboard.    While most other states are seeing clear and calm conditions (closer to the center of the high) we’re getting an easterly surge of ocean air.   Temperatures are warmer than the weekend, even though winds keep the warmth in check.   Forecast maps show the high pressure finally weakening at the end of this week, as it drifts deeper into the Atlantic.    Will we see a change at that time?   It’s doubtful.   As a front washes out over north Florida, on Good Friday, it appears as though we’ll see another high drop down from New England.    If that pans out, Easter weekend will stay windy.  Also, a few pesky showers could halt any egg hunts, temporarily, until they sweep by.