Back in business

Some weather progress is on the way this week.   Having said that, the most noticeable improvements won’t arrive immediately.   So, after days and days (seven to be exact) with overcast skies looming over south Florida, our cloud cover will start breaking up.  For Halloween, that means at least some hints of sunshine!   Winds will continue to “howl” too.  (While that might be overstating it, it’s appropriate for the holiday)!   The gusty conditions at the beach will definitely lead to a high risk for rip currents.  Again, boaters need to exercise caution with choppy seas expected.   The onshore flow is coming around strong high pressure north of Florida.  It could still carry a few brief showers into our area and off the Atlantic.   Looking ahead, if you’re ready for a stronger dose of drying with sunshine, it’s coming for the middle part of the week.   Temperatures will rise a couple of degrees, too, but it will remain comfortable.  Finally, the long range forecast maps are showing a possible cold front working into our state by late Friday or early Saturday.  If the boundary can cross, we may see “slightly cooler” air arrive next weekend.