Awaiting Rain

All signals point to rain impacting much of south Florida as we go through the middle of the week.   We were originally thinking rain would move into the region on Tuesday, but the moisture mainly stayed away.   What changed?   A tropical wave slowed down over the northwest Bahamas and the associated showers basically “hit a brick wall”.   Our forecast models  continue to be persistent in sending the pockets of rain westward, over time.   As an upper low lifts away from south Florida, there will likely be a clear path for the tropical wave to approach the Florida coastline.   Once the actual wave moves over us, deep moisture will stay trapped and continue to stay the source for torrential rain possibilities.   Our lingering wave and moisture will keep local conditions gray and unsettled with occasional thunderstorms.   By the end of the week, then, a front is expected to move into Florida.   That boundary will meet up with the remains of the wave and could spark another series of  rainy days!   If that happens, our weekend will be an ongoing mess.   With more tropical downpours, we could also see plenty of  street flooding.   The pattern isn’t likely to break until next Monday or Tuesday.   Until then, clouds will tend to persist and daytime temperatures will be slightly lower than they’ve been.