Average in August?

We’re getting classic and timely August weather.   That means occasional downpours, the only relief from otherwise stifling summer heat.  Also, there’s a bit of activity perking up in the tropics.   Let’s begin with the familiar south Florida rain.   As the weekend continues, a few early day showers will dampen coastal areas.   By the afternoon on Sunday, the main focus for wet weather will be in the western suburbs and interior spots of south Florida.    Later in the day, though, we’ll continue to watch the radar due to light (and sometimes erratic) steering winds.   Be aware that rain bands could remain feisty and drift around, even sneaking up suddenly in spots.   Since general winds are so light, the flow is often generated by the sea breezes.   While the east coast sea breeze will have a better push inland (early in the day) the west coast sea breeze should gain momentum by late afternoon or evening.  That’s what would send rain back toward the metro areas.   As for the strong daytime heat, temperatures are running a couple degrees hotter than average.   Highs will consistently reach the lower to middle 90’s throughout the new week, too.   Finally, a new tropical depression has formed in the western Atlantic Ocean.   Depression Eight is forecast to get stronger while pivoting east of the Bahamas on Sunday.   In fact, it’s likely to become Tropical Depression Gert as the system curves around the periphery of high pressure (in the Atlantic).   The tropical system isn’t  a threat to land and will only impact shipping lanes over the next few days.