Spring showers have been playing favorites lately.   While some spots were receiving beneficial rains, select areas around south Florida stayed dry (for the better part of a week, if not longer)!   Slightly higher rain chances are about to return.   As the new work week begins, more moisture will continue to get drawn up from the southeast.  Eventually, south Florida will have a better chance at occasional rain showers.  Our other change involves the wind flow.   Lately, strong winds have been impacting coastal areas (especially at the beach).   Winds were significant due to a large and sturdy area of high pressure drifting down from New England to the island of Bermuda.   The change now involves that actual high weakening through the early week time frame.   Wind speeds will progressively drop although we’ll still have a slight to moderate risk of rip currents along the Atlantic beaches.   Looking ahead, a slow but steady warm up is also in the making.   By next weekend, I think you’ll notice more of a steamy feel outside… as humidity levels rise.   Additionally, by Earth Day (Saturday) we can expect southerly air to return.   That should boost temperatures well into the 80’s.

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