Storm clouds were again brewing from the west, around mid-day Sunday.   Sure enough, tropical downpours returned with strong storms and flood concerns into southeast Florida.  Here’s the afternoon satellite and a view of downtown Miami as the sky darkened.

At the core of our unsettled weather pattern is a large swath of tropical moisture that’s wedged over us.   It’s stuck due to a low pressure disturbance to the east (over the northern Gulf) that continues to pull up the deeply moist tropical air.   Additionally, factor in the daytime heat with sea breezes, and it’s the stuff that storms are made of!   The water vapor imagery (shown here) indicates the trapped moisture over our region.

We may gradually find some improvement as the Gulf low finally retreats to the north and east.   It will take a couple days for any noticeable improvement to the forecast.

So far in August, it’s a very wet start for the south Florida Mainland.   In the Keys?   A drier situation.   Because of all the recent (and often heavy) rainfall, be aware of more advisories for street flooding.   The potential remains high, at least through the start of the week.

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