Air conditioners are humming

It’s still early in spring but south Florida is feeling the heat, resembling summer!   On Friday, Miami reached 87 degrees.   Then, on Saturday, the official high boosted to 88. It’s the hottest we’ve been this year, so far.   As we continue into the new week there’s nothing to immediately break the streak.   However, as winds veer a bit more out of the east (Sunday and Monday) temperature readings should ease a couple degrees.   Also, a beneficial breeze will  return on Monday which should cut into the heat… slightly.   Lately, cold fronts have moved into the state every few days, but they’ve steadily weakened or fallen apart before getting south into our region.   The main weather feature in the short term will be a sprawling high pressure area to our north.   As it strengthens over the northeastern states, warm winds will increase for us. Initially, those winds will come from the east but turn southerly by Tuesday and Wednesday.   That turn will actually notch up the humidity (as well as temperatures) so we may get our first 90 degree days of this young season!    Throughout the week we’ll also monitor a distant storm system lifting out of Texas toward the Great Lakes.   Attached to a low pressure center will be a trailing cold front that we have some interest in.   Longer range forecast maps show the boundary reaching Florida “eventually” by Friday.   The front may be able to drop our temperatures about 10 degrees, or so.   If that happens, it will feel more seasonal and take us back to springtime weather.