A Wind Trend

Our windy weather pattern isn’t giving up easily.  Distant and strong high pressure is the reason winds have been such a factor.  It’s an even bigger issue by the southeast Florida coast.  The surf remains strong which is keeping our beach and boating conditions unfavorable.  On Sunday, gusty winds also played a role in something else.  A large and growing brush fire materialized.   The blaze spread rapidly from western Miami-Dade  (away from populated areas and structures).   Some of the associated smoke, however, became a real concern.   Visibility dropped along parts of U.S. 41, the Tamiami Trail.   All smoke plumes moved west toward the Everglades.  Looking ahead, there’s finally a weather change in sight.   From Monday through Tuesday, high pressure will weaken so (gradually) winds will settle down.  Also, it will start feeling warmer again.   Daytime temperatures will return above 80 degrees and stay slightly above average.   The only “wild card” this week involves a front.   Forecast maps continue to show a weak cold front approaching from Wednesday night through Thursday morning.   At this point, we’re barely forecasting any temperature change behind the boundary.   Simply put, there’s no reason we should expect any cooling… because our air quickly turns off the ocean again.    Another high pressure area will rebuild.  More warm and breezy weather is likely through the end of the week.