A quiet start to the holiday week

Florida is currently situated in between distant fronts.   To our south and east (stretching from the Bahamas to Cuba) is a stalled boundary that initially cooled us off, late last week.   Then, to our north and west is a cold front that will likely move into Florida, in weak fashion, from Tuesday through Wednesday.    For now our weather is controlled by high pressure that extends from the southeastern states into the western Atlantic.   As the high drifts away, it will “open the door” for the weak cold front to move in.   Remember, though, not all cold fronts are created equally, and this one?   It doesn’t have the support of cool air like the front that slipped through our region last week.   There will be an increasing chance for scattered rain showers as the boundary get closer to our area.   These hit-or-miss downpours will probably peak from late Tuesday into Wednesday morning.    As we head into the Thanksgiving time frame, expect plenty of clouds with random bands of rain.    It won’t be a washout since the aforementioned front will lose impact as it stalls out near the Straits.   Comfortable temperatures will continue all week.   These readings will be consistent at night with lows near 70, and daytime highs in the lower 80’s.   Following the holiday into the huge shopping day, known as Black Friday, the forecast looks more tricky.   Long range forecast models show two very different scenarios.   These include a low pressure system forming in the Gulf of Mexico and sending another front toward Florida by the weekend.   That would enhance rain chances and keep us in a wetter pattern.   However, the other possibility includes “no front” with only a distant low pressure area staying far removed (turning conditions drier).   Stay tuned for updates throughout the week.   Either way, area temperatures are not likely to change anytime soon.