A Current Threat

Strong onshore winds are creating dangerous rip currents.  Miami-Dade and Broward beaches will continue to run the risk for these beach problems on Monday (and likely on Tuesday, too).   On Sunday afternoon, ocean beach patrol reported several rescues and even one fatality.  Please heed the advice of lifeguards, especially if it’s recommended that you stay on the sand and avoid swimming.  The reason for the gusty breeze near the coast is stronger high pressure.   It’s been building over the past 24 hours over the western Atlantic.   Wind speeds are expected to start decreasing by Tuesday night and Wednesday.  As for rain chances, there’s almost always a chance for a “fly by” shower along the breeze (with this set up).   Moisture levels are currently normal.   Forecast models are suggesting another increase in tropical moisture as early as Wednesday.  Once moist air starts to deepen, of course, rain chances tend to go up.  Thunderstorms may also start to pop… more frequently… during the midweek as well.   Finally, in the tropics, we’re watching a very distant tropical wave.   It recently moved off the west coast of Africa, so it’s incredibly far from us (3800 miles away, to be more precise).  The wave is creating some disorganized showers and thunderstorms at the moment, but it could start to develop gradually over time.  Yes, we have plenty of time to keep tabs on it!