It was hot on Monday with the Heat index, or Feels like Temps, hovering near 100°. What is the Heat index? You are outside and the temp is 90°. The humidity will be played by a sponge. You are walking and start to sweat, if there is little humidity in the air, the sponge will soak up your sweat (evaporation), and you will cool down. BUT if you start to sweat and there’s too much humidity, this means the sponge is saturated and can’t pick up your sweat. The outcome is that you feel hotter. This is the Heat Index. The temp is still 90° but it feels hotter on your skin because your sweat cannot evaporate and allow you to cool down.

Average highs for this first week of summer range between 89° & 90°. Tuesday promises to be another above average day but by Wednesday we come down to typical.

In the Tropics

Claudette is done as of 11 pm Monday night. The remnants will continue to move away from the States and fall apart as it enters the cold waters of the Northern Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center is eyeing a wave East of the Lesser Antilles with a low chance for development over 5 days in the area highlighted yellow. It is moving west at 15 mph.

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