With fewer clouds (and less shade) the strength of the summer sun really shows through!   Bright and scorching sunshine remains a daily trend.  While that’s not uncommon in south Florida, the lower frequency of showers and storms (during summer) is not the norm.  For now, sturdy high pressure is in control of our regional weather.   It “bridges” from the eastern Gulf through the western Atlantic ocean.  As a result, the only trigger for rain and storms is driven by the sea breezes.   While there may be some isolated exceptions, the most likely place for wet weather will be over interior locations… throughout the early week time frame.  The next change is a minor one.  We may be tapping into a bit more moisture by Tuesday (increasing from the south and east).   If that happens, rain coverage could increase and be less limited to the Everglades.   All in all, there are no big weather makers in the foreseeable future.   Just plan on plenty of sweltering heat and humidity.



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