Relaxing massages with Himalayan salt stones at ESPA

Shireen likes her relaxation the same way she like my drinks — on the rocks. And now one place is granting that wish. We’ve found a spot that will rock your world when it comes to unwinding.

You can finally try a spa treatment that’s truly worth its salt, thanks to ESPA at Aqualina in Sunny Isles.

Jocelyn Farmer: “Our newest and latest treatment is our innovative healing massage with Himalayan salt stones.”

This treatment connects you with another part of the world from an ancient time.

Jocelyn Farmer: “Himalayan salt stones are actually stones that were created for massaging, but they’re from the salt crystals that were created when the oceans dried up three million years ago in the Himalayan mountains.”

The salt goes beyond your body. It’s in ESPA’s walls — which are thought to purify the air and help treat different ailments.

Jocelyn Farmer: “We wanted to incorporate a treatment to combine with our facility features of our Himilayan salt walls.”

Guests start with a foot ritual bath and foot massage.

Jocelyn Farmer: “Then they will have a full body exfoliation wih a skin brush, which is good for exfoliation. They’ll also have an ESPA facial cleanse.”

And then — it’s time to add some salt…

Jocelyn Farmer: “It is very similar techniques to a hot stone massage. However, the benefits are going to be much stronger because of the natural and holistic approach of the stones.”

The Himalayan salt stone massage costs $350.

But you might be too relaxed to care.

Jocelyn Farmer: “The benefit of doing a massage with Himalayan salt stones is that it is going to create relaxation, it’s going to help de-stress and detoxify.”

The benefits of the one hour and 50 minutes massage — goes beyond merely feeling good.

Jocelyn Farmer: “If you suffer from insomnia, it’s going to help you sleep better at night. It’s good for reducing stress and toxins and it balances the electromagnetic field in the body.”

Finish off with ESPA’s scalp massage — and you will have been pampered from head to toe.


ESPA at Aqualina
17875 Collins Ave
Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
(305) 918-8000

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