A trip to Japan costs a pretty penny, but sake lovers don’t need to cross the Pacific for some freshly brewed drinks. Head to Shōjō’s Dojo in Westchester and learn from the senseis while sipping some premium product.

Sake to me! Miami’s got its first sake brewery.

Haidar Hachem, founder, Shōjō’s Dojo: “We want a date night spot, a chill spot, a place to hang out with your friends. Just chill vibes all around, is what we really want.”

Experience Shōjō’s Dojo’s premium grade rice wine on-site.

Haidar Hachem: “We got our rice from Isbel Farms over in Arkansas, and they make their own Japanese-grade tamanishiki rice.”

This new spot comes from a true love of the beverage and production process.

Haidar Hachem: “We started with a brewery, Shōjō Beer Co. What got me into sake was the same thing that got me into beer in the brewing portion. I just loved beer, and I was like, ‘Hey, let’s make it.’ I just really started loving sake, and i was like, ‘Hey, let’s start brewing sake.'”

When it comes to this booze, they definitely know their stuff.

Mari Orozco, founder, Shōjō’s Dojo: “The best way to drink sake is in wine glasses, so that it opens up and you are able to smell the sake better.”

And there’s no better way to welcome Shōjō’s than an authentic breaking ceremony.

Haidar Hachem: “It’s a little baby barrel that we, and we count down and literally break the barrel, and then give sake to our friends.”

Try the perfect Japan and Miami pairing, a sake Slushee.

Mari Orozco: “Because our good friend Atomiko did a mural inside here, we’re calling it the Atomic Bomb. It’s basically orange juice and junmai.”

And snack on some Japanese 7-Eleven inspired food.

Haidar Hachem: “We are going, like, straight convenience store vibes.”

Mari Orozco: “One thing that I know people will go crazy about is our Japanese-inspired sandwiches. Our good friend Chef Carla has done a chicken katsu, she’s done the tamago, which is Japanese egg salad, it’s a vegan cucumber sandwich.”

Now, if sandwiches aren’t your vibe, some Miami favorites will be available, too.

Haidar Hachem: “We’ll also have empanadas, and we’re gonna have also mixed little nutties, so if you just want a little snack, a little picar, you got it.”

With their grand opening this Saturday, Shōjō’s is ready to introduce Miami to something new.

Haidar Hachem: “What I care about more is, you know, bringing knowledge to the community, educating people on sake, and just like, where there is a love for beer,
we would like to bring up that love for sake as well.”

Guests: “Kanpai!”

Shōjō’s Dojo
4233 SW 75 Ave.
Miami, FL

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