Police locate car stolen in Miami Gardens with toddler, dog inside

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have located a car which, they said, was stolen from a Miami Gardens strip mall with a 2-year-old girl and a small dog inside, Friday night. Both passengers were found safe.

According to Miami Gardens Police, the child was in the back seat of a 2009 yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse at a strip mall located at 4662 N.W. 183rd St. when the subject got in the vehicle and drove away.

Investigators said the vehicle was later found near Northwest 199th Street and 47th Place, about 15 blocks from the shopping plaza. Police later confirmed the child and canine were also located and are both OK.

Police said the incident started outside the Liquor Mart. According to the owner of the store, the driver of the Eclipse pulled up to the curb and went inside for about 10 seconds before he turned around and realized the vehicle was gone. “He went to grab a bottle, and I noticed that he was walking toward the door, and when he was walking toward the door, he was looking, like, outside,” he said.

The business owner then asked the driver of the Eclipse for the liquor bottle he had grabbed. “[I told him], ‘The bottle, you’ve got to give me back the bottle,’ and [he said], ‘Something’s going on here. My car is gone.’ Next thing you know, he starts panicking and going back and forth.”

The liquor store owner said he believes the driver of the Eclipse is the little girl’s father.

It is unclear if police were able to apprehend the subject.

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