Man plays ‘Taps’ at site of military plane crash that killed 16

LEFLORE COUNTY, Miss. (WSVN) — A day after a U.S. military plane crashed into a Mississippi field, a man stopped on the side of the roadRead More

Teen electrocuted by using cellphone while taking a bath

A Texas teen was electrocuted while using her cellphone in a bathtub, according to reports. Madison Coe, 14, died Sunday while taking a bath atRead More

Bride gets surprise meeting with man who received dead son’s heart

ATLANTA (WSVN) — A woman’s wedding day was memorable in more ways than one when her fiancé surprised her with a meeting with the manRead More

Soldier salutes funeral procession in pouring rain

VINE GROVE, Ky. (WSVN) — As a funeral procession drove by in the pouring rain, Erin Hester captured a touching moment: a soldier got outRead More

Kim Kardashian West: Streaks on table were marble, not drugs

Kim Kardashian West is clearing things up after some of her social media followers claimed to see lines of cocaine on a table in theRead More

Iceberg breaks off Antarctica. British Antarctic Survey

Scientists say massive iceberg has broken off in Antarctica

LONDON (AP) — A vast iceberg with twice the volume of Lake Erie has broken off from a key floating ice shelf in Antarctica, scientistsRead More

Haagen-Dazs alcohol ice cream

Haagen-Dazs announces liquor-infused ice creams

In case you were looking to enjoy a cool summer treat with a little buzz, Haagen-Dazs has now made that possible with their new iceRead More

Boys, 11 and 12, charged with raping 11-year-old girl

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Two Florida boys ages 11 and 12 have been arrested on charges they raped an 11-year-old girl. The Palm BeachRead More

Chipotle adds queso to the menu

Cheese lovers can now rejoice as Chipotle has announced a new addition to their menu. The popular chain is debuting a new menu item: queso.Read More

Teen accused of throwing woman into pool strikes plea deal

A South Florida teenager who violently threw a woman into a pool struck a plea deal, Tuesday. Related: Teen arrested after woman violently thrown intoRead More