Man who recently lost young grandson gives mother $20 to buy toys for her child

A mother in Oklahoma shared a story about a touching act of kindness as she shopped in Target. Alyssa Hacker said she was pushing herRead More

Man gets ‘very sensitive’ body part stuck in weight at gym

(WHDH) — Firefighters responded Friday morning to a gym in Worms, Germany, after officials say a lifter got a “very sensitive” body part stuck insideRead More

Disaster SNAP benefits have not been activated for Florida just yet

A few rumors are circulating that anyone who lost power during Hurricane Irma can get food stamps, but that’s not exactly true. As of Monday,Read More

Operation Blue Roof to help homeowners with temporary roof repairs after Irma

Homeowners who sustained roof damage due to Hurricane Irma can now apply for help from Operation Blue Roof. Operation Blue Roof, which assists eligible homeownersRead More

Study says grandparents who babysit grandkids may live longer

A new study is showing that grandparents who spend time taking care of their grandchildren may actually live longer. According to Fox 13, a studyRead More

Truck driver fired after giving first responder plywood for Irma

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. (WSVN) — A truck driver is now out of a job after he gave his truck load of plywood to Tampa residents toRead More

Pair of extremely rare white giraffes captured on camera

For the first time ever, a pair of extremely rare white giraffes were captured on video in Kenya. According to Fox News, the mother andRead More

Hate crime charges filed against man after racist rant, attack in Chicago Starbucks

CHICAGO (WSVN) — A Chicago man is facing hate crime charges after he went on a racist rant inside a Starbucks store, then attacked bystanders.Read More

Coral Springs officer rescues fallen U.S. flag in road after Irma

As officers drove through the streets in Coral Springs after Hurricane Irma had passed through, one first responder spotted a fallen U.S. flag in theRead More

Florida sheriff sued after threatening arrests at hurricane shelters

A Florida sheriff is being sued after he said deputies would arrest anyone with an outstanding warrant who sought shelter during Hurricane Irma, and wouldRead More