Florida UPS driver accused of stealing package he delivered hours earlier

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WSVN) — A UPS driver in Florida faces a charge of grand theft after surveillance video shows him apparently stealing a packageRead More

Shooter’s morbid tattoo shocks courtroom during his sentencing

WILKES-BARRE, Penn. (CNN) — The man found guilty of shooting up a Walmart parking lot has been sentenced to more than 100 years in prison.Read More

DEA warns about widespread cocaine contamination in Florida

The Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a warning about contaminated cocaine that is becoming more widespread in Florida. The DEA’s forensic laboratories tested cocaine thatRead More

South Florida residents spend more of their income on rent than any other place in U.S., study finds

South Floridians know all too well that it’s expensive to live in paradise, but a new study shows it may be even worse than weRead More

Police department hopes pit bull K-9 officer will change perceptions of breed

STAFFORD, KS (AP) — Police in central Kansas have a new drug detective: a pit bull who was rescued by a Texas organization and trainedRead More

Doctor charged with premeditated murder for spiking pregnant girlfriend’s drink with abortion pill

A New York woman claims her boyfriend of three years spiked her drink with an abortion pill, causing her to lose her unborn baby. AccordingRead More

3-year-old taken off life support after mother’s boyfriend accused of child abuse

PHOENIX (WSVN) – A 3-year-old girl has died after police said her mother’s boyfriend abused the child. According to Fox 4, the family took theRead More

Regal Cinemas offering new treat by combining Cheetos, popcorn

Regal Cinemas is beginning to pair two treats for moviegoers: popcorn and Cheetos. According to Fox 5, the snack will be available in 32 oz.Read More

Toddler tackles wrestling match competitor to ‘save’ his older sister

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. (WSVN) — It was the little girl’s first wrestling match, but her younger brother apparently didn’t get the memo. Four-year-old Ruby LewisRead More

Mom accused of subjecting healthy son to invasive surgeries, hundreds of hospital visits

DALLAS (WSVN) — A Texas woman is behind bars, accused of subjecting her healthy son to multiple invasive surgeries and hundreds of hospital visits. AccordingRead More