Cuban exiles honor victims of Castro regime at somber rally

They had stories to tell about people they hold dear, and on Sunday, at least 150 Cuban exiles came together to remember those who couldRead More

Cuban exiles see only a glimmer of hope in Castro’s funeral

MIAMI (AP) — In the heart of Miami’s Little Havana, Cuban exile Armando Garcia said Sunday’s funeral of Fidel Castro granted neither simple closure norRead More

Fidel Castro laid to rest in private ceremony in east Cuba

SANTIAGO, Cuba (AP) — A wooden box containing Fidel Castro’s ashes was placed by his brother and successor on Sunday into the side of aRead More

Raul Castro: Cuba will ban naming of monuments after Fidel

SANTIAGO, Cuba (AP) — Cuban President Raul Castro said Saturday that his government will prohibit the naming of streets or public monuments after his brotherRead More

Fidel Castro’s sister speaks with 7News about brother’s death

Juanita Castro, the sister of Fidel Castro, told 7News that despite her disagreement with Fidel’s governing, she’s been grieving since his death on Friday. JuanitaRead More

Two U.S. officials to attend Fidel Castro’s funeral

WASHINGTON (AP) — White House spokesman Josh Earnest says a high-ranking presidential adviser and the top diplomat to Cuba will represent the United States atRead More

Trek to Castro’s final resting spot traces revolution’s past

HAVANA (AP) — After his band of bearded rebels won power in 1959, Fidel Castro embarked on a victory tour delivering speeches to cheering crowdsRead More

Some blacks applaud Castro legacy of racial equality

DETROIT (AP) — The Fidel Castro that Sam Riddle and many other African-Americans admired was not the brutal revolutionary dictator who plunged Cuba into economicRead More

At Domino Park, players hope for domino effect in Cuba

It’s their favorite pastime, held at the usual time, but players who came together to plays at Little Havana’s Domino Park on Sunday had moreRead More

Cuban community leaders unveil plans for rally in Little Havana

While celebrations filled the streets of Little Havana, Sunday, local members of the Cuban exile community met to discuss details of an upcoming rally callingRead More