(WSVN) - He’s covered some of the biggest moments and biggest stars in South Florida sports history in a style all his own, but WSVN Sports Director has called it a career.

As “Shappy” heads into retirement, Wednesday night, WSVN’s talent is paying tribute to the man who spent over 40 years in broadcasting, with over half of them at Channel 7.

Watch Steve Shapiro sign off for the final time:

How do you say so long to a guy like Shappy? Well, if you’re like we are, you roast him.

“Shap, check it out! We pitched in, and we got you a going away gift,” Belkys Nerey said. “Look! Your very own cane! It’s adjustable! You’re gonna love it, Shap! It’s going to come in so handy, old man!”

“We both know, between you and I, you’ve always wanted me to adore you,” Lynn Martinez said. “I told you it wasn’t there, but the truth is I’ve always been your biggest fan. Do you like my wallpaper? You’re a great friend. You’re an excellent father — I think, the kids turned out pretty good. You’re an amazing sportscaster. You’re irreplaceable, but I mean, we already replaced you, but in general, you’re irreplaceable. We’re going to miss you, Shap!”

Shappy will be missed, of course, and yes, we really do get along.

After all, as a team, we worked together for a very long time, which we try not to let him forget.

“Remember, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter where you are, you’re always going to be older than me,” Nerey said.

That and, at times, his questionable choices in fashion, too.

“So, you’re finally doing it? A year later, but you are retiring,” Mike DiPasquale said. “I knew that this would be an interesting situation. When I first started on Sept. 10, 1997, you were wearing a clear belt, a belt we used to wear with our Jordache jeans back in the 1980s, so I knew that you were a little bit different. Good luck to you.”

“Well, although you’re old enough to be my dad, I will always consider you like a brother, brother,” Donovan Campbell said. “Now that you’re retiring, what the heck are you going to do without me? Who’s going to give you fashion tips? Who’s going to keep you hip for the game of life when it comes to being cool? That was my job! Let’s just hope you sit at the crib and you don’t lose your edge. That’s what made you the ‘Shap Daddy’ and my main man, 100 Grand. I love you, bro.”

“I’m going to miss all the laughs off camera after the 6:30 show,” Jeff Lennox said. “Have a great time, we always do, and I can’t deliver this message without saying thank you, thank you, thank you for all the ties. I had nearly two dozen tucked away in my office, wearing one right here for this message. You’re gonna be missed, big guy.”

The weather team is certainly sorry to see him go — all those live shots, all those laughs.

“He’s the only sports guy I know that would go out in the middle of a hurricane and report for us and do a great job, and sometimes, turn an awful weather situation into a humorous, uplifting event,” Phil Ferro said.

“OK, Phil, hey, Phil, when the Heat won three NBA championships, did I ask you to go out and cover those games?” Shapiro asked.

“No, you did not,” Ferro said.

“We will be here when you need us, Phil Ferro,” Shapiro said. “We will be here when you need us.”

“On a very personal level, when I was at my lowest, and I would get a text message from Shapiro,” Ferro said. “‘How ya doing?’ And just that one line would just lift me up. I am going to miss him terribly, especially during the next hurricane that we cover. Love you, Shappy!”

Yes, we will miss Steve, the broadcaster…

“My heart is pumping out of my chest! Just a minute ago, the Dolphins in overtime rally back to beat the Chicago Bears,” Shapiro said.

Steve, the storyteller…

“But, in the absence of any sports in this town, there’s only one thing a guy like me can do — go to the beach,” Shapiro said.

Steve, the jokester…

“Oh, hey, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Craig Stevens,” Shapiro said.

But, most of all, all of us will miss Steve, our friend.

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