MIAMI (WSVN) - On Friday, Tyreek Hill will hold his second annual Family Foundation Gala at the Hilton in Downtown Miami.

The event is being held to raise money to support youth mental health.

7News’ Donovan Campbell spoke to the wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins to find out more about the fundraiser and how the first half of the season has gone for him.

Donovan Campbell: Being such a fierce competitor, do you find yourself sometimes competing against other things you’ve done in the past with your foundation to outdo the last thing you’ve possibly done?

Tyreek Hill: Oh, always. You always wanna take it up another step, man and I feel like this year is going to be that other step we’re trying to take with the Tyreek Hill Foundation. You know, being in South Beach, everything is bigger and better. Coming from Kansas City, the fan base was great but I feel like we can do some very special things in South Beach.

Donovan Campbell: How many of your teammates are you inviting to this gala and you know, what do you expect the outcome to be with all those kids and families and the teammates out there?

Tyreek Hill: Well from teammates, I’m pretty much expecting a lot of guys, you know especially offensive guys. You know. some defensive guys. Hopefully, we can get QB1 out because he’s a homebody but I’m pretty sure he’ll come out to support, you know, and for fans and for kids all arund the world.

Donovan Campbell: Your agent, Drew Rosenhaus said you’re gonna crack 2k. Will “The Cheetah” become the first wide reciever to do so cracking 2,000 recieving yards?

Tyreek Hill: I’m not really a huge stack guy, man. You know, I’m just here to win games. Obviously that would be a huge milestone for myself and also for my legacy, but for me, I think the biggest thing that I can carry with me forever is to add another piece of jewelry to my finger. That ring, man.

Donovan Campbell: My last question, with the big gala coming up, gimme a little something. What is “The Cheetah” gonna wear? Any special appearances? What’s gonna happen on that night? I gotta know what the fit’s gonna look like. You’re a many of many trick. Is there something special you have planned?

Tyreek Hill: I got something crazy planned. I got some crazy, customized suit coming, man. It’s gonna be cheetah that night from head-to-toe. When “The Cheetah” comes through, I always gotta turn heads, you know what I’m saying? So, you know, I don’t wanna give too much away of my outfir, but just know, it’s gonna be crazy. My kids are gonna be looking fire too. My whole family is gonna be looking good.

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