Team spirit, friendly rivalries among fans attending Super Bowl 54

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - Tens of thousands of football fans descended on Hard Rock Stadium to witness a clash between titans that some described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Super Bowl 54 ended up being a matchup to remember, pitting the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that hadn’t made it to the event in 50 years, against the San Francisco 49ers, who were fighting for their sixth title.

Fans of both teams let their allegiances be known early and often leading up to Sunday night’s game.

“I want a blowout, but it’s going to be a close game, and that’s what football is about,” said 49ers fan Jason Piamonte.

Fans called this game a dream to watch in person.

“As soon as I got to my seat there, I start crying because it’s my lifelong dream being here at the Super Bowl,” said a woman.

“My mom was pregnant with me the last time the Chiefs won a Super Bowl, and I turned 50 this year,” said Kansas City fan Chelle Cooper. “Fifty years since they’ve won, so it seems like destiny.”

Cooper turned out to be right, The Chiefs emerged victorious with a 31-20 victory over the 49ers.

Earlier in the evening, fans celebrated their teams before the game outside the Hard Rock Stadium before going inside the venue.

“It’s always been on my bucket list, but I didn’t know that my own team would be the reason I am here,” said Chiefs fan John Cobine.

Many fans made sure to pay tribute to their favorite players.

“It’s going to be an amazing atmosphere. It already is, walking around, talking to the Chiefs fans, taking pictures with them. They’re great people,” said 49ers fan Ramiro Munoz.

But when it was game time, they left no doubt as to who they were rooting for.

“I expect a very great game, and the Chiefs are going to win,” said Chiefs fan Sara Cobine.

“It’s been one of my childhood dreams to be here at the Super Bowl to watch the 49ers win one,” said a masked San Francisco fan.

Fan Victor Santos was wearing swag from both teams.

“[People said] that I’m a little bit confused. Yeah, OK. I’ll win in the end,” he said.

But it also became clear that there was also a little friendly rivalry on display.

When confronted by the fact that she was buying food from 49ers fans, Cooper replied, “Well, I mean, I’m going to go ahead to take the food anyway.”

Fans said it was an impressive season for both teams.

“It was a great season, I mean, a great NFL season,” said 49ers fan Trayvon Tosey. “I’m definitely proud. I’m definitely proud of my team.”

Super Bowl 55 is scheduled to take place Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021 at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium.

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