PEMBROKE PINES, FLA. (WSVN) - Creating results while avoiding excuses is exactly what one gym is doing to get their members back on their fitness grind.

“It’s awesome,” said workout enthusiast Nicole Sica. “I come here with my mom and she’s in her 50s and I still live at home so I have peace of mind knowing that I can come here, workout safely and won’t get my parents sick.”

Taking the extra step to make their members feel safe, Tapout Fitness in Pembroke Pines is currently the only gym to date using the innovative disinfecting system known as the DragonBreath.

“We came up with the dry fog system that would work for both airborne COVID and surface-borne COVID,” said Robert Baker, President of NEBBIA. “It kills COVID, kills SARS, Influenza, mold, mildew — it’s a perfect solution for a difficult problem. That will disinfect the entire space in a matter of seconds so people can come back to doing what they’re used to doing.”

In the age of extra precaution, by using the state of the art fogging system, Tapout Fitness sanitizes its gym multiple times per day.

This gives both the clients and trainers of the gym a sense of relief their gym is an infectious disease-free facility.

“During COVID, a lot of trainers lost their job, so for them to make not only the members but the workers, the trainers, feel comfortable, it was comforting,” said gym trainer Darnell Cunningham.

“I’m really proud of what they’ve done,” said workout enthusiast Mohammed Makhtry. “They used to do the old-fashioned Clorox, sanitizing, stuff like that but this is going to be very much more practical.”

The plus side to the DragonBreath system is while you’re working out, you feel a lot safer ditching your mask.

“They even don’t want to wear masks inside the club, they feel safer than ever, said Tapout owner Gabriel Sanchez.

“It’s really hard to workout with a mask on so it’s very liberating knowing that they’re taking the extra precautions,” said workout enthusiast Nelsa Napolies. “I feel safe.”

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