Stolen Heat championship ring recovered during traffic stop

BOCA RATON, FLA. (WSVN) - Police recovered a stolen 2012 Miami Heat championship ring during a traffic stop Thursday night.

Boca Raton Police found a name etched on the ring and called the owner, who was already talking to police to report the burglary at her home. The ring, among other items, had been stolen, police said.

The owner of the ring, Amber Tollefson, used to work for the Heat.

“I saw I some elements of a break in. I was in my room and basically saw my purse upside down,” she said. “I feel very violated and it’s been happening a lot. This is very sentimental. I worked for the Miami Heat for seven years.”

Police arrested all three men in the car and charged them with burglary and grand theft, among other charges.

“From start to finish the Boca Police Department thankfully solved this case,” she said.

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