Sports Xtra insider Drew Rosenhaus helps car crash victim

NORTH BAY VILLAGE, FLA. (WSVN) - He’s known as a “super agent” in the sports world because of his high-profile clientele, and on Monday he was hailed a hero after coming to the rescue of a car crash victim.

Sports Xtra Dolphins insider Drew Rosenhaus and his family were heading to a Fourth of July celebration when they noticed a car accident on the Florida Turnpike. “The guy is in a mangled car. I wasn’t sure if it was going to catch on fire,” he said.

The NFL agent then sprang into action. “We pulled him out of his car. He was unconscious,” he said. “He was totally unresponsive, bleeding, barely breathing.”

Rosenhaus’ wife, Lisa Thomson, tweeted out pictures of the rescue.

“Eventually, the paramedics came. In the interim, I just tried to keep him upright,” said Rosenhaus. “[I] laid him down when he started breathing visibly.”

Rosenhaus said the victim regained consciousness shortly after. “He woke up; I calmed him down,” he said. “He was obviously incoherent, in the middle of the highway.”

This is not the first time Rosenhaus has helped someone in distress. In 2005, he rushed to the aid of a child who had sunk to the bottom of a pool at a Walt Disney World resort. “With the little boy, I mean, he was gone, he wasn’t breathing at all,” he said. “I did CPR, brought him back. He spit out the water. He came back to life.”

The good Samaritan said he’s not sure why he’s found himself in these situations, if by accident or by fate. “I think it’s an accident, but it’s probably not an accident that I stepped up to help,” he said. “That’s my logo — is a Superman [S]. This isn’t an accident. I do like to help people.”

Rosenhaus cut his own leg on a piece of glass while taking the victim out of the car.

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