South Miami gym among local businesses hiring decontamination companies to disinfect

SOUTH MIAMI, FLA. (WSVN) - As businesses across the country work hard to stay open while also protecting customers from the spread of COVID-19, a small gym in South Miami is among several local businesses who have hired a sanitation company to disinfect their space.

7News cameras captured a cleaning crew member in hazmat suits sanitizing the interior of Stunna’s Fit in South Miami, Monday.

The gym’s owner, Gabriel Varano, said he wants to let members know that he is doing everything in his power to keep the space clean for members coming in to exercise.

“I wanted to sanitize the gym, first and foremost, for the most part, to keep it as clean as possible, to take the worry off the minds of everyone,” he said. “At the end of the day, that’s all I can control. I can’t control if it’s airborne or whatnot, but at least disinfecting the gym, making sure it’s disinfected, and everyone feels that the place is extremely clean. That’s what I have control of, so that’s what I did.”

In order to combat the coronavirus at his gym, Varano hired the company Bioresponse, an experienced infectious disease sanitation and decontamination company.

“We come in, and we, with our technology and the chemicals that we use, we ensure that they get on every piece of equipment, on every high touch point, to ensure that there’s a complete reset of the environment,” said Manny Pozo, the owner of Bioresponse.

Anyone who uses a local gym or a workout facility knows it can be one of the sweatiest places on the planet, but Pozo said proper precaution can allay any escalating fears.

“The membership here cleans up after themselves, after every class, and even individual private clients, once they’re done working out,” said gym member Melissa Buhrmaster. “I have concern in general, but not here in the gym.”

“The problem with COVID-19, it’s not the sweat that you’re seeing, right? That’s always scary to us, but it could be anybody at this point,” said Pozo. “The sweet little girl who’s just there to get a good workout, that might be the potential COVID-19 carrier, and that’s the world that we’re living in right now, where we have to be proactive and just assume that anybody could be carrying COVID-19, so let’s go take that extra step to protect ourselves.”

Establishments like fire departments and local offices wanted to be ahead of the curve, so they contacted companies like Bioresponse two weeks ago.

“Businesses are realizing that people are going to be scared to come into their environment, are thinking about how they can be proactive,” said Pozo.

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