South Florida hockey moms give new meaning to the sport

LAKE WORTH, Fla. (WSVN) – There are soccer moms, then there are hockey moms. Although, they don’t simply stay in the stands and cheer. These moms lace up their skates and put stick to ice.

The South Florida Lucky Pucks is a hockey club formed by women and made for women.

“I gotta keep up with them and push ’em around a little bit, show ’em who’s the boss on the ice,” said Tiffany Salas.

“Make them keep up with you,” said another teammate. “That’s the key.”

The Lucky Pucks are made up of several professions, including doctors, teachers and boat captains. Christine Delrossi is a teacher during the day and hockey player outside the classroom.

“I played hockey a few years when I was a young teenager, and I didn’t get back into it until my early 40s,” said Delrossi. “I’m 48 now, so I’m not going to win any medals. But I did score a goal tonight!”

The Lucky Pucks were founded in 2002 and is for women ages 18 to those over 40 years old.

“I think it’s wonderful that women are playing what traditionally used to be a man’s sport,” said Delrossi as a teammate crowned her with a pink firefighter’s hat. “I see so many little girls playing hockey now, and it really makes me happy and proud.”

Salas said she’s proud to wear the title of hockey mom.

“Tonight I had my daughter with me,” said Salas, “so it was definitely being a real hockey mom, trying to attend to her before the game, after the game and having someone watch her during the game. It’s really trying to take care of her and put on a good example for her. Hopefully, one day, she’ll get on the ice and play with me. That’s my dream.”

Both Salas and teammate Kelly Ben-Asher realize that so much of their hard work comes off the ice and via parenting.

“This is something I really enjoy doing,” said Salas, “so once I get on the ice, it’s just a whole different side of me.”

“Honestly, I’d be lost without it,” said Ben-Asher. “It’s a big chunk of what makes up me. As long as I can walk, I’m gonna skate.”

Lon Ben-Asher, Kelly’s husband, said there are not many women like those found in the Lucky Pucks.

“Growing up in Florida, you don’t meet many women who are into sports,” said Ben-Asher. “I’m a huge sports fanatic, so when I found out the first day that I met her that she loves sports, she liked a little bit of beer and she didn’t like shopping, I said this woman’s for me and asked her to marry me.”

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